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Our morning worship service is Sunday at 10am. We exist to help people discover Jesus, develop holistically and make disciples wherever they go.

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Our vibrant “Kidz Church” happens every Sunday 10am. Colourful, creative, energetic and spiritual, your kids will drag you to church!

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Spark Youth is a fantastic youth event including crazy exciting games, inspiring worship band, and engaging preaching usually from our youth pastor dealing with topics relevant to the teenage generation.

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A great place to get to know people and God better. Discussions based around informal gatherings where people discuss faith matters, pray for each other, and do life together.

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Our Sunday Evening Service commences at 6pm. It provides an authentic and warm environment for people of different ages, cultures, and backgrounds to develop their faith together through contemporary worship.

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We have a vibrant Spanish Community at NWBC. We cater for Latin American people, Spanish Speakers, or anyone who loves Latin American culture. Services are run every Sunday at 1pm.

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Come and enjoy our new "Oceans" Series: Braving Life's Storms. Every Sunday in August @ 10AM, 1PM and 6PM.

God Works In Wonderful Ways - Stories of Transformation

I have grown up in a Christian home, attending church, so I have always known about God. When I was around the age of five, I gave my life to Jesus with the help of my children’s Pastor. Even at the age of five I still understood that Jesus is the Son of God, that he died on the cross for my sins and He lived an amazing life as an example for us to follow. I knew that it was a relationship not a religion.

A meaningful verse for me is Romans 10:9,

“If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead you will be saved”

At the age of eleven, I developed a deeper, more personal relationship with Jesus. I decided I wanted to be baptised at this time but mum said I should wait a few years until I was a bit older and because I did wait I got the opportunity to be baptised in the Jordan River in Israel. The same place Jesus was baptised!

I think getting baptised is important because Jesus did, and gave us an example to follow. It’s also publically saying I am a child of God and I want to follow Jesus for the rest of my life!

As a follower of Jesus, I like to invite my friends to Elev8, both Christians and non-Christian. I have completed the Journeys and ALPHA courses a few times, often with non-Christian friends. On a few occasions I have had people prophesy over me that I will be a healing evangelist. I would like to fulfil that by joining the Missions organisation YWAM in the creative arts division.

Evangeline, Student, Berwick

I was brought up as a protestant in the UK, attending a Methodist Sunday School, but when I was sixteen years old we came to live in Australia.

For most of my adult life I had been searching; wondering if there was anything after this earthly life. During this time, I had on occasions been involved with the Spiritualist Church trying to find evidence of “life after death”, but this didn’t lead to any plausible answers.

So, although I prayed on occasion, I didn’t have a relationship with God and wasn’t even sure that He existed. About six years ago I had had a major operation and was sitting on the edge of the bed one day and I distinctly heard my name called. There was nobody about and I immediately remembered my mum telling me before she died, that if there was anything after this earthly life she would find a way to let me know.

My interest was sparked again.

About three years ago I decided to search again. Although I was happily married and had a busy life, there was still something missing. I attended a few of the local church services with my husband Gavin, with the intention of joining.

The day we came to Narre Warren Baptist, we knew it was right from the moment we entered the auditorium. We signed up for the Journeys course and joined a Connect Group and every week it was like the Sunday message was written specifically for us. Our lives changed radically. I decided I was going to follow Jesus.

We started to pray and worship God. We started studying the Bible (and continue to do so). We have had made many new friends and have been surrounded by wonderful, caring, supportive Christians.

I felt that God wanted me serve Him, using my experience as a singer, so after praying about it many times, I eventually joined the Worship Team and since then I have also joined a group of singers who visit Aged Care facilities to entertain the residents.

I was recently baptised to publicly declare that Jesus is my Lord and Saviour.

Karen, from Narre Warren

What was life like before I became a Christian?

I grew up in a Hindu family. We worshipped many gods and had some pagan beliefs. There were some strange teachings like I could not go into the prayer room or even pray if I had my period. I had to offer material things to the gods but I had no relationship with them. I felt I could not talk to god.

How and why did I become a follower of Jesus?

When I was 18, a friend invited me to church and I enjoyed the experience. I invited my family and Mum and my siblings came. We became Christians. Not long after this I got the opportunity to study nursing and I left home. I met Ray who was not a believer in Jesus but as I got to know him we fell in love. We were married. I wanted God and Ray. Ray was not very supportive of me going to church and after a while I stopped going. We started to have some serious marriage trouble. We separated and I went to work in the Middle East. Here I did start to go to church again.

My contract finished and I wanted to give our marriage another chance and I joined Ray in Australia and we commenced a new page in our relationship. I got some details about the Narre Warren Baptist food bank from the local council website. I sent an e-mail, talked with Pastor Lee on the phone, and popped into the church. Lee invited us to do the ALPHA course and I made a recommitment to Jesus.

How has my life changed since I made a recommitment to Jesus?

I now regularly attend Encounter, a connect group, have found some great friends, and I know this church is where is I want to serve Jesus. I was baptised in November 2014 because I didn't want to be a lukewarm Christian anymore!

Rachel, from Narre Warren

Our Main Church Services

Sunday Morning Service 10am

Sunday Spanish / Latin American Service 1pm

Sunday Evening Service 6pm

Oceans Series: emotional resilience is about bouncing forward when life throws us curve balls!

Is God Real?

Do Non-Religious people genuinely encounter God?

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