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How do You Relate to an Authentic Life?

Blog 001—Welcome to the world premiere of the Narre Warren Baptist Church (NWBC) Blog

My name is Rod Semple. A couple of weeks ago Pastor Peter asked me to coordinate the preparation and publication of this year’s devotions for our Season of Fasting—(1st February to 18th February). He had a specific request. He wanted this year’s devotion to be set up as a blog, hosted on the church website.

A blog is… well, it’s a just a fancy world for a letter… a letter written on a computer rather than a pen and put on a website for people to read. It can be updated at any time and added to, generally on a regular basis. (No excuse for typos :-))

It’s a great way to communicate cheaply and often creatively. Blog-posts may allow photographs, audio and video to be included. Links to other websites are common as are links to other social media, such as Facebook and twitter.

Blogging provides a powerful, effective and cheap way to share and develop ideas. A single idea, blogged in Melbourne has the potential to reach a world wide audience. Imagine if St Paul had access to a blog rather than a stylus and scroll!

Blogging provides an opportunity for writers and their readers to interact. Readers can ‘subscribe’ to a particular blog so that new posts automatically arrive in their email. Another benefit is that blogs can be shared. If that happens often enough a blog can go ‘viral’.

Launch date

1st February sees the beginning of this year’s Season of Fasting at NWBC

A Season of Fasting is something that has been developing each year for the past three or four years. At it’s inception a couple of members of NWBC were asked to write daily devotions to be used on each of the fasting days. Over subsequent years the number of writers have increased. The age and experience of our writers now ranges from teens to 60+.

One factor common to each devotion has been the way that people related to what they had to say. It seems that everybody loves an authentic story

Previously these devotions were emailed to participants, but this year the plan is to do things differently.

Instead of emailing PDF copies of each devotion, the plan is to have each devotion located on the NWBC Blog site.

Each day will see a different devotion posted online

Devotions will be available, with an accompanying email sent to participants, as a reminder and encouragement.

For 18 days NWBC are encouraged to participate for at least one day.

As Pastor Peter says, fasting is a corporate declaration that we are desperate for God’s Holy Spirit to move among us in a way that results in whole-hearted Worship, Wisdom and Wonders.

This blog page is very much a a work in process, with challenges ahead—some known and probably more unknown :-). Bear with us as we iron out the glitches getting this blog up and running!

Until next time.

Fond regards,

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