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Fasting … Are You up for the Adventure?

Tomorrow we commence our 18-day church-wide prayer and fasting Season. The adventure begins … Are you up for it?

Fasting … Are You up for the Adventure?—Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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Why do we fast?

Put simply, fasting is a declaration of our need for God more than our necessities in life.

Through fasting, we express how serious we are about our walk with God, how dependent we are on His Spirit and how desperate we are for His love-invasion of our community.

The Scripture teaches us that when we fast, the Lord intervenes supernaturally.

Setting the Scene for 2018

Our desire is to prepare for a year of:

  • Worship: Praying to be a church that is genuinely consumed by adoration not merely supplication!

  • Wisdom: Praying to be a church that lives wisely in every aspect of life with both insiders and outsiders.

  • Wonders: Praying to be a church that expects a supernatural move of God in our city and beyond.

How do I fast?

There are many ways in which you can join in this church-wide fasting season… The Scripture highlights different ways for fasting.

  • Absolute fast: No food or fluid (Max 3 days)

  • Normal fast: No food at all--- just fluids (Luke 4:1&2)

  • Partial fast: grains, fruits and vegetables (Daniel 10:3, 11:12, Ezekiel 4:9)

  • Specific fast: abstaining from something that brings you pleasure

  • Congregational fast: fasting chain/tag team

Abstaining for a purpose

When we fast, we abstain from food for a period of time for a spiritual purpose. For example, we may skip breakfast, lunch or dinner or we may abstain from a specific type of food.

Begin gradually:

If you haven’t fasted before, you may need to begin gradually. Start by skipping breakfast, then restrict your food intake throughout the day.

Some people may fast on a vegan-type diet; i.e. no meat or dairy products.

If you are accustomed to fasting, you may choose to consume only liquids (juices & soups) for 3, 7 or 18 days.

If you plan to do so and have a medical condition, make sure you consult with your physician in advance.

Who's writing the daily devotions?

This year we have a blog of daily devotions, written by some of our awesome church members – how exciting!

Given that we have entered into the exciting world of blogging, we would love it if our church community could interact with one another online.

Share your ideas, thoughts and prayers under each of the fasting blogs?

This season of prayer and fasting culminates in an evening of prayer on Saturday 17th February, running from 7pm to 9pm.

We will also celebrate the end of the fast by sharing lunch together- both English and Spanish congregations–on the 18th of February at 11:45am.

I trust that the Lord will overwhelm you with His goodness during this fast.

I trust He will refresh and inspire you to live selflessly, wisely and witness His wonders in your family, church and community.

Are you expectant?

Join the conversation

How about sharing in the comment section , below, what God has been challenging you with, leading up to our 18 days of fasting.

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