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Day 12: WISDOM—Are You up to being a person of influence?

'Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity.’—Colossians 4:5

('make the most of every opportunity.’—Colossians 4:5): WISDOM—Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Blog #014

“Live wisely towards those who are outside the fold of Jesus. Showing an alternative lifestyle to the one that the world offers. This is our way of sharing Jesus by our walk and words.”—Colossians 4:5—6 (NLT)

Alternative lifestyles

Each day we witness alternative lifestyles broadcast from the lives of those around us. Whether we see one or one hundred people in a single day every one of them likely goes about doing something in their life differently to how we would ourselves.

As we take in and process all of this, it has the ability to influence our own lives, either reinforcing or challenging our current words and actions. Seeing someone jaywalk and receive a fine would discourage us from doing the same, whereas a simple word of encouragement from a colleague can improve our mood and inspire us to share one also.

Influence works both ways

Influence works both ways, and in the same manner our lifestyle will influence those around us.

Whilst small infrequent random acts of love can be of little cost, Paul calls us to a greater challenge where our imitations of Jesus are no longer sporadic but simply how we live. That our lives become our testimony because we are intentional means Jesus’ love can be shared even without words being spoken.

Such a reflection of God through us would not only uplift those within the church, but redefine the lifestyle of a Christian to those outside it.

Demonstrate a life of honour and reflection

Our duty here is to demonstrate a life that honours and reflects God, and Paul’s instruction does not offer anything we are to receive in turn. Regardless of whether we see our efforts and intentions as having an effect, they are still fruitful through God. By committing them to God we acknowledge our role—to share Jesus’ love freely, not transactionally. For just as we have freedom in our actions, so too do others in how they respond to them. This leaves the onus with us, to use every opportunity to show others God’s alternative—a life lived with Christ.


  1. When was a time someone’s small actions had a much larger impact on yourself?

  2. Reflect with God on one change you can make to live more wisely and imitate Jesus more closely. Ask God to help you make this change and assess each day if you have done so.

  3. What effect may this change have on those around you?

Join the conversation:

Todays devotion is the last in this series on Wisdom.

Please take a moment to share how the devotions over the past 12 days have impacted your desire to see God's Spirit move afresh in a powerful way in our church, family and community. Thanks!

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