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Day 13: WONDERS—Are You up to Living With Great Expectations?

'Praise be to the Lord God, the God of Israel, who alone does marvellous deeds.’—Psalm 72:18

Praise be to the Lord God … does marvellous deeds'—WONDERS: Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash

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Live our your potential

It’s been refreshing to hear how many of you have taken the challenge to fast this year! You are showing heaven and earth that you are willing to pay the price, not merely pray the price.

You and I know that fasting isn’t easy—neither is living selflessly—but that’s the type of person that you deeply desire to be.

Actually, your family, your friends, your colleagues and your church family members are longing to see you live out your potential, your best-you, your Jesus-you, your selfless-you.

Do you know what happens when heaven peaks from above and notices a selfless follower of Jesus?

Garbage City

In the year 2000 I travelled to Egypt to visit my family. One day I was invited to a private prayer gathering at one of the largest churches in Egypt, located in a suburb known as Garbage City.

For years I had heard so much about God’s supernatural move in that church, yet I had never visited. In the 1970s Garbage City hardly had any Christian presence or churches, but by the time I visited, it was reported that it hosted 90% of Christians.

How did this wonderful transformation take place?

It all started with a man who felt compelled to reach out to people in Garbage City. He was an ordinary person with a normal job—but he had a fire in his heart!

He would travel from his middle-class suburb to this down trodden, dirty and “stinky” city, entering pig-stys–literally, to beg the unchurched folk of Garbage City to turn up to a weekly Bible study.

Give God an opportunity

This man of God (Samaan) would kneel at the feet of these garbage collectors, kiss their dirty hands and beg them to give God an opportunity. He hardly had any responses, yet no amount of rejection diminished his zeal or desire to see authentic disciples of Jesus in this city.

One evening, a man in the city was hit by a bus and lay in the street motionless, his body completely crushed. As people in the streets rushed to his rescue, there was no life in him.

As they screamed in hopelessness, devastated by his merciless and sudden death, Samaan ran onto the scene and without thinking he lay on the body and screamed for God to revive him.

To the astonishment of the gathered mobs, the man’s life returned to his body!

Miracles, conversions and transformations

This incredible miracle was the start of something out of this world. Miracles, conversions, family and community transformations—Wondrous work from a wondrous God.

When I went to the prayer gathering, I was stunned by the type of people who congregated in the room to pray. They were simple garbage collectors–but they were fired up for Jesus.

Among this simple crowd stood Samaan with the biggest smile.

He had forsaken a significant career in the suburbs of Cairo to come and live amongst garbage collectors.

Despite the low socio-economic status of the people, this man of God had invested his whole life selflessly for God’s purposes … and what an amazing journey and supernatural miracles and wonders he has experienced.

He only does wonders!

Selfless people experience a supernatural move of God in their lives and ministry.

Selfless people die to self, pursue out-of-this-world dreams and expect God to come through—because He ONLY does wonders!

Many Bible commentators claim that Psalm 72 was a prayer by David prior to his death, concerning the inauguration of his son Solomon.

It is a Psalm that refers – either prophetically or reflectively—to the glorious era of the reign of Solomon.

Appointed by God Himself and empowered with God’s resources and wisdom, the psalmist adores God for His goodness over Solomon and those who were blessed by his government.

Yet, the Psalm clearly has a Messianic tone—it speaks of the King of Kings whose reign is eternal, righteous and universal.

Those who witnessed the blessings and prosperity associated with Solomon’s reign were overwhelmed by God’s wonders.

The Psalmist looks in amazement at God’s abilities and screams with adoration 9 (v18): Lord you ONLY do wondrous things!

Much more than we expect

Now that Jesus reigns over His people, how much more can we expect from Him?

I have noticed that when confronted with situations, concerns or dreams that are beyond my abilities to address—I feel discouraged and imagine that God may not have a solution for my BIG challenges!

Yet, He ONLY does wondrous things.

Today's challenge

  1. As we fast these last six days, I encourage you to believe that God can and will do wondrous things in your life, family, church and the community as you selflessly seek His reign over your life and world.

  2. Throughout these last 6 days of the fast you will be supported with excellent blogs that will prompt you to live expectantly—awaiting God’s timely move in your life, family, church and the community.

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