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Day 17: WONDERS—Are You up to Accepting Signs and Wonders?

'Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles.'—Acts 2:43 NIV

'Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs'— WONDERS: Photo by Genessa Panainte on Unsplash


Waiting for a miracle

I've seen the Bible I read, come to life. Just as the apostles commanded authority over sickness, we have too. Badly injured backs have been healed, 5 year conditions have been healed, stomach conditions, injured shoulders, wrists, feet, have all been healed. Healed by God through believers in the NWBC family.

Who can say that:

  • miracles have ceased!

  • God is not alive today?

  • God’s glory has not been manifested!

God is alive …

God has been revealed in mighty ways through the faith of radical believers of NWBC! Signs and wonders have happened before our very eyes.

This fasting period

Remember who is on our side.

A God that carries all authority over life and death, over every affliction.

  1. He who cleanses leprosy in an instant.

  2. He who turns water into wine.

  3. He who multiplies loaves and fish.

  4. He who casts out a legion of demons.

  5. He who walks on water.

  6. He who splits the red sea in two.

  7. He who raises the dead.

  8. He who can create a whole universe, fine tune it and fill it with life.

Miraculous deeds explain his majesty

Whatever mountain you need moving, whatever miracle you need, remember that our God is enough.

His miraculous nature doesn't just extend to healing miracles.

it extends to;

  • family breakthrough,

  • battles with depression,

  • anxiety,

  • calling home prodigal sons,

  • confident issues,

  • value issues,

  • reconciliation,

  • forgiveness

and so much more.

If we don't see miracles

God wants to anoint those leading a holy life, those who spend intimate prayer with him, those who have mountain moving faith.

God wants to use sold out disciples.

If we don't see miracles, it's not because God is incapable or unwilling.

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"If we don't see miracles, it's not because God is incapable or unwilling."—Roden Meares

That’s not who He is.

  • May the Holy Spirit reveal to you a deeper understanding of his miraculous nature and of his unrelenting willingness to intervene.

  • May the scriptures grow your mountain moving faith.

  • May the Holy Spirit use you as a vessel for signs and wonders.

Remain expectant

Keep your eyes peeled because God is on the move.

Signs and wonders will follow.

Today's Reflection Points:

  • Do I believe that God can cause breakthrough in my situation?

  • How can I better understand the miraculous nature of God?

Join the conversation

  • It's Saturday again. How are you tracking?

  • Have you been in touch with any of the Church family to hear their stories and share experiences?

Let's keep the conversation going—phone, write, email, share on Social media … You get the gist :-)

Please leave a comment below and share.

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