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Are You Busier Than You Should be?

Blog #022

This weeks blog is a little different.

Today, 2 March 2108, the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. William Graham, ‘Billy Graham’ will be celebrated as his body is laid to rest during a private ceremony.

Sold out for God

Like Nehemiah, Billy answered the call of God on his live and lived a life sold out to God.

Over his life time, it has been estimated that Dr Graham preached to more that 210 millions people in more that 185 countries and territories.

His humility and plain speaking impacted millions, world wide.

His life impacted the lives of millions, including my own.

For Generations to come

Billy leaves a legacy that will continue to impact the lives of many … for generations to come.

This Weeks Challenge

  • What legacy do you plan to leave?

  • How will the life you lived impact future generations?

  1. Set aside 10 minutes everyday and spend that tine with God. No music… No interruptions… No distraction… Just you and Him!

  2. Keep a notepad and pen handy to write down what He shares with you.

  3. Ask God to show you what has to change, in order for you to start creating a new habit of adoration.

Continue the conversation:

  1. We'd love to hear your insights and learn fro your experiences … Please leave a comment below.

  2. If you've got value fromwhat you've be been reading, please share and like on your favourite social media platform.

Until next week, continue to live an intentional life.

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