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It's Time For a Break

Did you know that our very first blog post was released on 14th January 2108. Just in time for the Season of Fasting—February.

Three questions

Prior to the launch of the NWBC Blog post, three question were asked:

  1. Was it possible to produce a daily devotional, as a blogpost, to be sent to every individual who had an email address, during the 18 days of fasting

  2. Would people read it?

  3. Would it be viable beyond the first 18 days?

The answer to each of these questions was ‘Yes!

Prior to each blog, Shelby—from the office, sends out a reminder email that ’the latest blog can now be viewed’—Thank you Shelby :-)

It’s time for a break

Shelby will be on holidays for the coming next week, so it’s been decided that the weekly blog post is going to go on break too—just for a little while!

This will give us a time to catch our breath, review, evaluate what has happened over the past six months and look to the future.

‘Time to Evaluate’—Photograph by: Daria Nepriakhina—Unsplashsh

The plan

The plan, moving forward, is to:

  1. Evaluate what we’ve achieved over the past 6 months.

  2. Consider what worked, what didn’t work and what needs to change.

  3. Who reads the blogs?

  4. What proportion of readers are male or female?

  5. What spread of ages are our readers?

  6. What day do you read the post?

  7. What time of day do you prefer to read ’the blog'?

  8. Do you usually read the blogs on a mobile device —phone/tablet, or desk top computer?

  9. Do you share blog posts around with friends, family, colleagues …?

  10. If not why not?

  11. Do you find the subject matter covered relevant?

  12. What do you want to see/read more of?

  13. What do you want to see less of?

  14. Do you want to participate as a writer/editor/formatter?

  15. What do you see as the primary purpose or mission of the NWBC blog post?

  16. Is blogging an effective tool to reach out and make a difference in people’s lives, or should we be looking a something different. e.g. Podcasts, Webinars, or a combination of these?

  17. Do you ever leave a comment?

  18. If not why not?

  19. How do you access the blog post? Directly via the NWBC Blogsite, Facebook, Twitter … other?

  20. Does the blog download easily and quickly?

I’m sure there will be other relevant questions that can be addressed.

If you can think of any please let us know by leaving a message on the NWBC Contact Us web page

How can I help?

Firstly we’d appreciate you asking God;

  • should we continue writing a weekly blogpost?

  • what He wants from and for our church blog?

  • what direction does He want us to move in?

  • what is the purpose of producing a blog?

  • what can we do to increase the impact of the blog?

Where to from here?

Over the coming weeks the plan is to produce an online questionnaire that will enable us to to survey readers and find out what their thoughts are on the future of the NWBC Blog.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

The NWBC Blogging Team

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