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God is Still Working!

Well, I'm not sure about you but I feel so much better when I can see blue sky and feel the warmth form the sun. This winter has been long and hard for some of us, for others it hasn't seemed very different to regular life. Throughout this season I have felt very strongly the the Lord is with us, this might all have come as a surprise to us, but He knew it before it happened and He still works and is working throughout it all.

I have had some beautiful conversations over the last few weeks and would dearly have loved you all to hear the testimonies that are rising to the surface in this season. God has guided some of us to walk around our neighbourhood, prompt us with a word of encouragement or a scripture to share with a person on the street, or even next door.

Some of us have had regular walks with family members and have found ourselves having deep conversations about the purposes in life and the love from God we have known, some parents have had the glorious opportunity to lead their children in a prayer of salvation! More have met and spoiled the neighbour's children and others have offered comfort to others in a coffee, a walk and prayer.

I guess what I am affirming to you today is even though we are not allowed to go more than 5km form our home, God is with us, even though we are not meeting in small groups in homes, God is in our homes and even though we cannot meet as a whole group of believers God still knows our heart for Him, for others to know Jesus. God has still been growing our relationship with Him, we might have prayed more, listened more, sung more, stopped more. We have all had the opportunity to speak with others to encourage others, to pray with others, even over the telephone or in a park, God is a God who speaks all the time.

We do not know yet what restrictions may lift and which may stay in place, so it is hard to plan, encouraging us to learn patience at this time we trust God will show us what to start, what to continue and what to leave behind. As someone shared this week, we need to be trusting God more than ever, realising He still is growing and developing His church, in His way. We need to know the difference between what we feel are important things in the life of our church, versus what God feels are important so we are ready for whatever may come. We know Jesus will return, we do not know when, but we do need to be as ready as we can.

Here are the few things we have been able to plan for the next couple of months.

- Mum's Coffee and Chat 11am Mondays

- Prophecy Course $20 - Wednesday's 21/10-9/12 - [](

- Cuppa and Chat with Pastor Megan 26/10 via Zoom fortnightly - invitations to be sent out.

- Advent Packs $5 donation - November 15th available for pick up.

- Advent starts 1/12/2020

- Carpark chats - coming in December

Please call or email me with questions, concerns or just to say hi!

May every blessing fall on each of you,

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