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Fireside Fellowship

A bit of a windy day, I pray those of you with asthma and hay-fever are keeping safe inside. Richard and I have found the last couple of weeks of lesser restrictions enjoyable, fun, challenging and exhausting! How are you and your family coping? As mentioned during this week’s service we are conscious that for many of us reconnecting is really hard, we are having to purposefully put energy into doing things we would have done easily a year ago. For us as a church it is a very important time, we all have been through an experience which has been shared by all, but everyone’s experience has been deeply personal and individual. So as restrictions ease, we are taking advantage of the cooler Spring weather by gathering by a fire pit. You may wonder why a fire pit? The reason is a fire allows us an opportunity to be contemplatively silent as well as being real while vulnerably sharing. We can remind ourselves what it means to be children loved and cared for by an amazing God who has brought each of us through this year. We are able to have 50 people meeting outside and so by having three pits we can gather in smaller groups to meet and greet each other, celebrate and commiserate with each other and raise our hearts and voices in worship of God. Each event is designed with suburbs gathering on particular nights, this is so we know who our neighbours are, should we need to be restricted in locality again, we know who is near us.

Fireside Fellowship - 22nd - Narre Warren North, Endeavour Hills, Lysterfield, Rowville and beyond- 7- 8:30pm.

22nd November

Fireside Fellowship - 28th November - Narre Warren, Hallam, Hampton Park, Doveton and beyond- 7- 8:30pm.

28th November

Fireside Fellowship - 29th November - Berwick, Beaconsfield, Officer, Pakenham and beyond- 7- 8:30pm.

29th November

Fireside Fellowship - 5th December - Spanish Gathering - 7- 8:30pm

5th December

Fireside Fellowship-6th December- Narre Warren South, Cranbourne, Clyde and YOUNG ADULTS (ECHO) - 7- 8:30pm.

6th December

Please click the link and register yourself and those from your household.

This week I have participated in workshops with 30 or so other church leaders, the general consensus is God has encouraged us this year to be more reliant on Him, and to grow personally in our faith instead of just going to church we have had opportunities to be the church in our homes, streets and neighbourhoods. Personally I am excited about groups meeting in public places, sharing God stories and praying for one another, my prayer is we continue these new behaviours, that we not go back to meeting in a building where people cannot see our faith, but be visibly known in the city of Casey and our suburbs.

For those who have questions about what is happening when, we do ask for your patience as we work within the guidelines and assess our teams to make decisions.

Connect Groups – Can meet outside in groups of 10 or less, or in cafes or restaurants with 10 in a space or table. From 23rd November can meet in Cafes, restaurants in groups up to 20.

Mainly Music – Currently online, will meet in person soon; in outside group of up to 50.

Boys Brigade – Online, - End of year Gathering outside, in person, details to come.

Girls Brigade – Online, End of year gathering online also.

Sunday Services – Online @10:15 via YouTube channel. Planning for outside services in January.

Every group is required to take attendance, all participants details need to be forwarded to Pastor Megan for input in the system.

Every group wishing to use the church facility will need to undergo an induction process onsite beforehand, agree to the cleaning of used areas and provide a Covid Marshall for adherence to protocols. Please call for information.

HELP NEEDED Tuesday 24th – ADVENT CALENDAR packing – 10am-2pm. Sunday 29th November – We are lighting up our church! 4pm. Saturday 5th December – Team of volunteers to re-strengthen the platform pieces. 10am. Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10-12th December – Drive in Carols and Movie Night

Lastly, if you or anyone you know is not able to do Zoom for the Member's Meeting December 8th at 7:30 pm, please let me know and I'll help arrange something to assist.

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