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NWBC groups

At NWBC groups are the name of the game and we have a wide variety of them. We highly value togetherness and meeting in small groups right through the week. 

Our groups range from speciality groups like Ladies' Time Out, Ladies’ Bible Study to Prayer groups. The main group focus at NWBC is our Connect Groups. These groups form the bulk of our groups, and we continually plant new ones so we can accommodate people like you and your family. 

Our Connect Groups have a holistic approach to life and for this reason, we would like to see the following three things happening – Growing in God, Growing in relationships and Growing the Kingdom. We see the best way to accomplish this in a biblical context is by building on the 5 pillars we find in Acts 2 and Matt 28.

Worship – centre our lives around the Lord (Matt 22:37-38)

Fellowship – learning to love the Lord’s Family (Matt 22:39)

Discipleship – cultivating spiritual maturity (Acts 2:42)

Ministry – contributing something back to others (Acts 2:44-45)

Witnessing – letting others know about His love (Acts 2:43)

We believe our Connect Groups will be the perfect place for you to find meaning and fulfilment in your spiritual life and relationships, so why not contact us at and find out more about where and when you can connect?

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