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Our youth ministry exists to glorify God, bring young people to Christ, grow young people in Christ, and empower young people for Christ.

Currently we meet every Friday night of the school term from 7:00pm onsite, our leaders connect with kids Grade 7 to Year 12. We provide a place for young people to connect with each other and connect with God. Young people will find people who will encourage, inspire and equip them to be who God created them to be.

Our desire is to connect young people to exciting memories, great friends, and leaders who genuinely invest their time and experience into their lives.

Every young person has a God-given potential and purpose in their life. With God, even one person can have a significant impact on the world. Picture how significant the impact can be with a whole group of young people!

You can contact us through our Facebook page if you'd like more information

James 3:5b

“…but a tiny spark can set a great forest on fire”

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